Coupe Téléverbier & Ecole Suisse de Ski – 14.08.22

The Téléverbier & Swiss Ski School Cup is, as usual, one of the most popular competitions in the calendar, with an average of 80 participants. This edition crowned the team of Blonay Charles and Guy in the gross classification and Saudan Serge, Reuse Jean-Daniel in the net classification. This two-person scramble always promises some pretty incredible scores as the winners of the net win the competition with 48 points. The day was marked by the warm welcome from the Swiss Ski School at the start, the quality turn by Clovis & Co and the gourmet buffet in front of the Médran café. The Verbier Golf Club would like to thank all the participants and the sponsors of the day. Find below the slideshow of this great day!

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