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9ème Verbier Pro Am by W Verbier -19.08.2023

Once again a very positive result for the Verbier Golf Club, the 9th Verbier Pro Am by W Verbier was a great success this year. With 23 Pros, 69 amateurs, a host of partners and, to top it all off, … Read More

Visit from Morgane Métraux – 15.08.2023

Morgane and Kim Métraux did us the honour of playing the Esserts course this summer. It’s always a pleasure to welcome the Métraux family to Verb

9ème Mémorial Louis-Ernest Fellay – 15.08.2023

The 9th edition was full of suspense when it came to the rankings. Anne Weber and Pierre-Alain Luisier surprisingly won the net ranking with 34 and 45 points respectively. And as usual, Marie Corthay and Nick Staheyeff didn’t disappoint on … Read More

Coupe Téléverbier et Ecole Suisse de Ski – 13.08.2023

Some 84 participants took part in this very popular two-person scramb The low handicaps had a real advantage in the gross classification, won by the pair Céline Dujay and Benoit Reynaud Lacroze with 44 points. It’s the players who play … Read More

Coupe Nocturne Verbier Tourisme SA “Glow in the dark – 11.08.2023

An innovative formula was proposed to the 40 participants on the pitch & putt course at Les Moulins; 9 holes played during the day and 9 holes played in total darkness. Each participant wore a luminous bracelet. In addition, the … Read More

Coupe des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs Verbier / Val de Bagnes – 06.08.23

Thierry Corthay and his team once again spoiled us for the Coupe des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs. The 60 or so guests were treated to a risotto au turn and a Clou Royal at Restaurant La Grange. Ranking: 1ère Brut Christine … Read More

Verbier Masters presented by Verbier Location & Pub Mont-Fort – 03.08.2023

With 80 participants, 2 game formats, an exceptional turn and a warm atmosphere at the Mont Fort Pub, this 11th edition was a great success. Below are the winners in each category, along with a photo slideshow 1ère Brut Dames … Read More

Journée du 1er août 2023

It was an intense day in terms of the programme. Introduction to golf” stand at the Verbier Kermesse during the day. Les Amis de Verbier competition on the Les Moulins course and surprise concert by Eddy de Pretto on the … Read More

Coupe Jean-René Germanier – 29.07.2023

The traditional JR Germanier Cup (31st edition at Les Esserts), organised as a two-man scramble, saw Maxim Weber and Gordon Bujaud rewarded this year with 42 points gross. The net ranking was won by two outside players with a score … Read More

Competition for GCV juniors by No 8 Verbier

The 60 participants took to the course at Les Esserts in a rather unusual format, playing Swiss Shamble in teams of 4 players. Rik Ekdhal’s team won the gross with Carmen, Linda and Nicolas and Cédric Dupertuis’ team won the … Read More