1st experience of Léo Andeer on the ALPSTOUR

Dear friends golfers and non-golfers,

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for your support during this very special season. I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well in this difficult time.

Thanks to your help, I can finally take the next step: becoming a professional. As some of you already know, I did my first qualification course in Germany in October in order to get my card on the Pro Golf Tour.

During this month of November, it was in Italy that I played the qualifications for the Alps Tour (3rd European category). As far as the first two tours in Europe (European Tour and Challenge Tour) are concerned, the COVID pandemic has prevented me from trying to qualify.

Let’s get to the results. In Germany I finished 81st and got a category 9 (access to some tournaments). But in Italy, things went very well. Indeed, I obtained the full card (full access) on the circuit by ranking 20th out of 250 players at the beginning of the course.

I am currently leaving my clubs for a month in order to do intensive physical preparation until the end of December. In January, I’m going to spend 3 weeks in Spain for my golf preparation.

I will share with you the schedule of my competitions as soon as it comes out.

I also enclose my project for this season 2020-2021.

I regularly publish information on my social channels for interested parties.

Sporting Greetings

Léo Andeer

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